Monday, November 23, 2015

Journal Time

The kids and I are having 20 minutes of journaling time on Mondays so right now so I’m hoping to get 20 minutes of blogging done as my own journaling. We’ve chosen the topic of our sledding trip so here we go:

This weekend we headed up to the mountains for some deep snow for sledding! We’ve gotten a few storms in town this year but nothing that stuck long enough to sled.

John was stoically disinterested!

All three waiting for a push. This didn’t turn out as disasterous as I expected!

Snuggle selfie:

Catherine generally much prefers to go with an adult!

Matthew is becoming quite adventurous and enjoys gaining some speed. He found it hilarious when he “hit” the rock at the end, the rest of us adults didn’t find it quite as humorous!

Catherine hit a bumped that knocked her flat on her back!

More of stoic John!

Quick family pic!

And the grandbabies with Amma and Papa!

Papa and Amma managed to coax a smile out of John for a bit!

And Catherine thought it was awesome to pull John back to the car in his new sled:

Hot apple cider and fresh banana bread waited for us at the car!

Now we have 8 minutes left of journaling and I’m out of photos from the excursion so let’s back up to earlier in the day. We of course couldn’t go play until we got our hardwork done. Papa Ron is converting our extra bathroom to a closet and has some great mudding helpers on the drywall. Their preferred work clothes are pajamas and rainboots for some reason:

Amma and Papa brought us a deck of fossil cards and have been playing go fish:

And in other school projects we are working on at home, Matthew loves do some coding and working on his hours of code. Catherine and John also like to get in on the act:

Amma and Papa came back to visit us for Thanksgiving and have been having a great time. John showed them how he reads:

And stole kisses from Amma:

Okay, timers up and we’re sharing our writing.

And Matthew’s finished project:

See you all again in official blog form next Monday at least :-)

Friday, November 6, 2015

One Year with the Birthday Boy!

This weekend we get to celebrate the birth of this cutie-patootie! Poor thing is on the tail end of a gnarly cold, but still as cute as ever!
And boy does he LOVE balloons!

He’s getting a little big for the basket, but still adorable:

He likes it full of legos:

This baby has come a long way in the past year!

And because I love any excuse to go through old photos, a look back at his exciting first year! It’s been a wild and crazy year, but with the big siblings, we are in the age of setting traditions so John joined us for a lot of fun this year and Matthew and Catherine made certain he was starting to pick up on our family fun!
First things first, there was meeting his big siblings. Little did we all know how their relationships would grow and blossom. While Matthew was most hesitant about John when he was born, he by far has more patience for his baby antics of hitting and stealing toys!

Meeting Amma for the first time:

He knew there was plenty to celebrate early on!

And plenty of reasons to holler of course!

Oh, this tiny, sleepy kid!

So much love!

So many silly faces!

His first big trip to the ballet with big brother:

Bedtime stories:

Meeting Mas and Pas for the first time:

First snow!

First big outing:

First real bath:

First time decorating the Christmas tree:

Christmas photo fun:

First Big Mike encounter:

First time meeting Smokey:

First time meeting Santa:

One of my favorite photos:

And John’s ridiculously large sized 0-3 month bear suit he can still squeeze into at a year! The head is still roomy on it, we just can’t use the feet flaps!

And another favorite:

Meeting Uncle Matt:

John’s first batch of Potica:

First sledding adventure:

First thermals:

First batman pajamas:

First Christmas!

First Legos:

First fancy dinner and whiskey menu!

Holding his head up and blue steel!!

His first snowman brunch:

First New Year’s Eve Party!

First smiles:

First ridiculous hat!

First ski trip!

First Bohart Trip:

First Kids’N’Snow adventure:

Serious playmat time:

Supporting UVA:

First family birthday party:

First Valentine’s Party:

First warm day to play in the yard:

First overnight ski trip with mom!

First matching sibling shirts!

First time discovering the overhead lights!

First visit with grandma Elsie:

First St. Patrick’s Day!

First time swimming!

First trip to the Children’s section of the library:

First ladybug find!

First time hanging in the highchair:

First Easter Egg dying:

First swing!

First Easter basket:

First swim with his float!

First Easter dinner:

First time sitting up!

First football game:

First pizza:

First bike ride:

First stop in Yellowstone:

First Old Faithful eruption:

First mowhawk:

First cat encounter:

First trip in the backpack:

First Star Wars day:

Dapper dude on his first Mother’s Day:

First murder mystery:

First Costco samples!

First camping trip:

First pig roast!

First trip to Thermopolis!

First Jackalope ride:

First Grand Teton visit:

Discovering June:

Another favorite picture!

First crawling:

First pulling up in the crib and cruising!

First formal pics:

First Father’s Day:

First ridiculous roadside attraction:

First hotel stay:
All in conjunction with his first cross country trip:

First zoo trip and carousel ride:

First visit with Amma and Papa:

First Fourth of July:

First mini train ride and train museum:

First visit to Mas and Pas house!

First international flight!

First castle:

First lunch on the urban streets:

First street performer:

First giant Ferris Wheel:

First wedding!

First super fancy dinner:

First late night out!

First trip to The Three Johns as one of the three Johns!

And of course his first pub crawl :-)

First Air and Space Museum visit:

First 50th Anniversary party:

First visit to Uncle Matt’s house and bourbon collection:

First slip and slide:

First trip to the Gristmill:

First visit to Papa’s work:

First Legoland trip:

First race:

First Huckleberry shake:

First painting project:

First Lewis and Clark visit:

His first balloon!
First raptor fest:

First watermelon:

First trip to Earthquake Lake:

More Legos:

First time climbing up on the stool:

First ghost town:

First mining expedition:

First time sleeping at a restaurant (for any Watson kid!)

First post-race fan photo!

First new Alaska shirt!

First trip up Sinks Canyon:

First color run!

First trip to Utah and Arizona!

First slickrock climbing:

First slot canyon:

First Rocky Creek visit:

First fall leaves exploration:

First “caramel” apple:

First pumpkin carving fun:

First Halloween costume:

First downtown trick-or-treating adventure:

First visit to the hay maze!

And of course, his first trick or treating spoils :-)

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