Saturday, December 5, 2015

Crazy Travels to Red Rock Country!

Catching up on the backlog! Apparently my Facebook robots have stopped posting for me so the responsibility is back in my crazy human hands and I am woefully behind. In the middle of October we ran a color run. We had fun with costumes and John got in on the rainbow fun!

John was also in the phase of showing us he was “so big” which lasted for about a week and now he refuses to ever do it again!

We split up and James and Matthew ran the 5K and Catherine, John and I ran the 2.5K. Catherine wasn’t into the color stations but she did a great job running! Matthew was both into the color and then the color celebration at the end:

Reunited all together!

The stroller got covered in a blanket for the color stations but Catherine and Matthew helped make sure John got colored too.

Matthew and I snuck in for one more color celebration where Matthew went crazy with the orange!

That night we went to a fundraiser for the Children’s Museum where Matthew helped make suggestions for the local improv troupe. Unsurprisingly there was lots of toilet humor:

And Matthew found himself to be hilarious!

That next week John did some hanging out and reading while we packed for our next big adventure!

Matthew had a 4 day weekend that fell in conjunction with a half marathon in Lake Powell so we loaded up with our favorite running buddies and headed south. We were greeted with a beautiful sunset as we headed out, and then a long, long, long drive.

Randomly large rocking chair in Beaver Valley, UT.

Matthew brought his school reading buddy along for the weekend, so of course we spent a good bit of the trip worrying we had lost him.

We were making good time so we made a stop at Bryce for the morning. Gorgeous.

John enjoyed himself:

We stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam and Matthew thought Paws needed to check out the dinosaur footprint:

Catherine and her toy got in on the photo action:


And look who we bumped into! Mas and Pas met us for a short vacation and to help with the kiddos while we ran!

Storytime, with friends :)

The next day we headed out to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, which is only accessible by boat! Catherine and John studied the map:

And the day started a little overcast:

Matthew was an astute observer and enjoyed the audio guide.

Because Lake Powell sits on the AZ/UT border our phones were jumping time zones like crazy the whole time and my digital photos are apparently not in chronological order, so here goes the rest of the day’s adventures as I pull the pictures!

Rainbow bridge:

A young couple pointed out this lizard to the kids and shockingly they didn’t scare it away!

Hiking with Mas:

Goofballs on the way back to the boat. Our tour guide mentioned a promise of 1 hour of sun at Rainbow Bridge and we got it almost exactly!

The next morning was the half marathon! It was a gorgeous course and pretty good weather for running. The only minor snafu was a lead runner took a wrong turn and we all ended up running an extra 3/4 of a mile! This was the view around mile 3:

At the finish!

After heading back to our rental house for a quick shower and lunch, there was little rest before our next adventure, Antelope Canyon!

Our guides started with a hoop dancing demonstration. John was entertained!

As was Matthew:

Then he got to sit in the back of the truck for the ride to the canyon!

The unassuming entrance:

And lest you think the tour is a private experience, this is what the entrance looked like. Tours are not only popular but run by the Navajo and though our tour guide assured us the canyon was “not busy” like summer, it was still quite packed when we went.

However, because we ended up holding up our tour because of our kiddos and carseats it worked out for the best as we were the last tour of our time slot so there were no tour groups behind us, allowing us to get this shot:

And just a few of my favorites I still haven’t fully culled and edited.

Hanging out back at the house:

We made a last ditch effort to check out Horseshoe Bend, but sadly arrived at the beginning of a lightning storm. With the world’s slowest (yet most adorable) hikers, we called it quits before getting to the edge of the canyon. I guess we have another good reason to head back!

The next morning it was up early for a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG haul back to Bozeman. The kids did awesome and we made it with minimal stops. 800+ miles in one day with a time change working against us isn’t pleasant but we are learning it’s doable and opens up a whole new world of adventures and trips!

And last but not least, Matthew’s summary of Paws’ adventure!

And one happy baby, post-road-trip-funk-removing-bath!

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