Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Catching Up!

I just dropped Catherine and her friends off at playgroup and poor John is suffering a rough bout of teething that is throwing off his sleep. He’s up early in the mornings and then has been falling asleep during morning errands, poor guy. Luckily we’ll get a better view of what’s going on with his teeth this week at his first dentist appointment! As far as we can tell all his molars are in and maybe its his eye teeth now. Either way he is a drooling mess!

Yesterday we enjoyed the spring weather again with park time and outside play! There are very few obstacles this monkey won’t climb.

And blowing kisses at me!

Mission possible!

Serving cookies to us!

1.5 is hard. I shut the fridge door and he was displeased.

The froyo effect from earlier in the day obviously did not linger long :)

James and I started out Saturday with the Hyalite Hill Climb. Our local running store started a 8 mile race up to the reservoir. It was a long uphill and a little lonely in the back as there weren’t many runners who signed up, but the views couldn’t be beat.

Friday selfies with my pajama day crew:

If this kid ever goes missing, we’ll be able to find him by following the trail of half eaten clementines. Sometimes he climbs up to the counter and grabs his own. Sometimes he even asks us to peel them, others he just starts chomping away!

Painting at preschool:

Catherine had a teddy bear tea the other weekend with her blooming daisy scout friends and made a daisy vest for her bear and a flower. She was radiant about the whole experience! She has definitely been ready for her own activity!

We also participated in Bozeman Clean Up Day with Matthew’s Cub Scout troop. As expected the kids were oddly fascinated by all the weird trash we found.

Friday Matthew was out of school and it was James’ last day at his current company so while he was busy celebrating, the kids and I set out on an adventure! A traveling dinosaur show was in the state so we decided to go. We had wanted to go last year but had sick kiddos so I’m glad we went this year. I was highly skeptical of the show due to its awful online reviews and its general sketchiness regarding information. However, I’m glad we went this year as the kiddos were at the perfect age. One more year and Matthew might have seen through the magic and John would have been old enough we would have had to have paid for him but he wouldn’t have been old enough to do everything and he would have realized he was missing out :-) As it was he had a great time and spent the whole visit roaring, pointing and shrieking at the dinosaurs!

Part of the fun was lots and lots of dino inflatables.

The big kids were still a little uncertain about most of the big dinosaurs but John was absolutely enthralled the whole time.

John dug for dinosaurs while the kids were busy bouncing away.

Another big dino!

Coloring dinos:

Checking out the baby dinos. They had people walking around in rubber dino costumes and then a few baby dino handlers with these puppets. John was fascinated and the big kids were totally freaked out by them. We spent part of the day trying to strategically get from the main exhibits to the indoor bounce houses while trying to avoid these dines.

Triceretops riding:

Trying to outrun the T-Rex:

The dino exhibit didn’t open until 3pm so we had time to explore Buffalo Jump State Park. There were lots of bunnies and prairie dogs the kids were following and spotting:

Poor John, he ended up staying up all day in the excitement, though he kept his serious face on most of the day!

Matthew spotted a baby bunny that had run into this rock crack:

The cliffs were quite impressive and very suitable for their Buffalo Jump purpose. They made the kids a bit nervous but they totally got it once we saw it in person.

Pretending they were buffalo!

John was fascinated and we were super impressed with the visitor center! Much less stressful running into them here than on the trails.

At home we are still battling the learning curve of the new kindles and new options for screen time. We discovered the ability to download library books and Matthew jumped right in to trying to finish out the Magic Tree House series.

John also impressed us with his serious hacking skills:

But the best skill he has picked up is his ability to give hugs and kisses.

And butterflies from library story time!

And more park fun! Catherine is getting braver and braver each visit.

Meanwhile Matthew has been working on some sort of organization project that I don’t understand but am trying to support as I found these labels :)

And Catherine’s first badge from her blooming daisy meeting. She is so excited about this program!

And with that I’m off! I had hoped to loop back to more of my older pictures but I have kids to pick up and a battle against the dandelions to continue to lose.

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