Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday Five

  Here’s life in a nutshell this week:

1.  We finally sent our Xmas cards out last week.  If you didn’t get one and would like one, shoot me a message.  My contact list is a hot mess of partial digital transitions over the past decade, so really, it’s not you, it’s me.  Or . . . you can just enjoy this version if you are done with Xmas cards for the year, though really, send me your new address.  None of our cards got returned this year, but that doesn't mean I have any faith they got delivered either:

2.  It’s a potty training miracle over here.  John was potty trained and then we went through a crazy regression when Spencer was born.  After we got back from WY, John decided he was ready to poop in the potty regularly, as long as we gave him his privacy to go.  Screen time has always been a bribe option, but with his new kindle, something just clicked these past weeks.  Now I worry he is going too much, which apparently isn’t a thing according to Google and my search history of shame, yet I still worry.  Matthew the other day was commenting to John “You know, you don’t get screen time for putting your poop in the potty forever” to which I agreed, as I was grabbing my phone to head upstairs and ....... 😜.   Needless to say, between potty training and Captain Underpants it’s all poop discussions all the time over here, which is why pretty much only family visits us these days. 

3.  Speaking of guests, we were lucky to have my parents stop in over the long weekend and love on the kids.  I am getting terrible about taking pics because my kids lose their minds when I go to do it and make ridiculous faces (see below).  Also, visitors mean I have an opportunity to sneak away from these adorable monsters of our own creation.  Matthew got to hit up dart zone with Papa, Catherine went and painted ceramics with Amma and John just wanted someone to chat with him about some game on his kindle and Amma and Papa seemed like willing suckers.  

 Catherine went to pick up here creations today and was so proud/excited!

Thanks again Amma for the fun afternoon for our little crafter!

4.  Speaking of crafts, John spent one day perusing Catherine’s craft books and became insistent on making a gingerbread house which clearly was not happening in January.  I came up with an ingenious idea for him to spread some cream cheese on some old stale graham crackers and add sprinkles.  He thought it was the best thing ever and worked on them for nearly an hour and it let me work on my taxes.  #Suckitpinterest #worldsokayestmom

5.  This weekend I snuck away on my girls(+Spencer) weekend.  We skiied in Yellowstone and “hiked” (it was only 1/4 mile in but I hauled a baby and pack and play in so I’m calling it hardcore)  to a Forest Service cabin for a few nights of good food, drink and fun! 10 women with 25 kids among us and we got to leave 24 of them at home :-) 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Five

I'm not sure I miss blogging, but I sure do miss this blog.  It's been a handy way to help myself remember what's going on.  No promises, but I'm going to try . . . and I'll share the link on Facebook when I post, so no need to check this website frequently only to be disappointed :-)  However, it may be a long time before I update the blog photos so feel free to stay for a blast from the past! 

 Here's my Sunday 5 wrap up for this week: 

1.  This week has been hard.  Saying goodbye to grandma Elsie last week was tough and while I figured we(I) had recovered from all the baby-roadtripping, the emotional exhaustion lasted a bit longer.  It was tempting to make a lot of rash decisions, like quitting all my obligations, proposing a cross-country move etc.  This is why I married someone far more level-headed than me :-)  Anyway, I still think of grandma a lot, and her advice and opinions will always be a part of my world outlook. 

2.  In my stubbornness and mild craziness, I kept an obligation to host a Daisy event on Sunday when we returned from our WY trip.  It was a blast and I'm so thankful I pushed through and didn't hand it off.  It was fun, we danced and did service projects and had a good time with a room of kindergarten and first grade girls. Boy does Catherine love to dance!  And I wish I could take a picture of her in those moments of joy, but my pictures often just are blurry elbows, so I'll leave it to your imagination.

3.  Speaking of pictures, I have mostly pictures of Spencer on my phone, and all the guilt that goes along with it, but dang it, he's so stinkin' cute right now and Matthew got the blog to himself for years.  He's smiley and squeaky and full of slobbery kisses.  He also has moved out of our closet and into his crib finally, which thankfully helps him look small again because he is anything but small these days and my back is paying for that.

Oh, and he is moving backwards and adorably getting stuck under furniture.  

And boy do his siblings love him and taking care of him!


4.  And then there's this one, who is in a solid second place in terms of # of photos on my phone.  His new favorite game is pretending to fall asleep in the car.  He's obviously convincing.  In an unrelated and unironic note, he is on a month+ nap strike.  Go figure.  This boy is too busy talking and reading and plotting new rules for Candyland apparently there is just no time leftover to actually sleep.  

5.  We are having a legitimately proper Montana winter this year.  Our Christmas yard decorations may become a permanent fixture in the yard as they are frozen solid in the same snow from November that hasn't melted.  The berms in town are no joke.  The big kids have also become proper Bozemanites as we make the pilgrimage up to Bridger Bowl each Saturday for ski lessons.  They LOVE it.  Maybe we'll get some action videos out of them next week.  James takes them while I stay home for baby naps so I just get the play-by-play stories and triumphs when they get back which is awesome and a bit frustrating as I was the "skiier" in our marriage, but I am also the "nurser" so James is taking his turn as the skiier this year.  I fear I've lost the kids for cross country skiing forever now that they've discovered the magic of downhill skiing.

At least as the nurser, its easy* enough to cross country ski around with this cutie pie.  Being towed around by your out of shape mother is apparently exhausting.  *Easy only if you forget all the effort it takes to pack up, load up dress and situate a baby and baby ski get-up.   The thought of taking all 6 family members on the same trip gives me involuntary spasms right now, but we're working our way up to it.

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