Sunday, February 11, 2018

Another Sunday Five - Shocking!

Well damn, I made it 4 weeks in a row.  I'm as shocked as anyone.  Here's what this week looked like in our zoo.

1. This week was the school's Lip Sync for Literacy.  Our school's staff battles another school's staff with lip sync battles while donation buckets are passed around.  The school with the most money in their buckets are the winners, but the proceeds from the event are split evenly between the schools.  Our school has lost the last 2 years so this year's win was super exciting.

Leading up to the event were school spirit days as well which brought us 80s day

And wacky Wednesday.

Of course John can't be left out:

2. It was also James' birthday this week!  The kids picked out some new Star Wars swag for James and we had cake for breakfast.  We finished celebrating by putting the kids to bed at 6p and watching a movie and picking up take out because we're cheap and old and taking a break from the kids talking is often its own break.

3.  Poor Spencer had the roughest week.  He picked up an annoying cold 2 weeks ago and by Monday we were certain it had manifested into an ear infection.  Sure enough the poor kid not only had a double ear infection but little did we know he was on the front end of an even worse virus that we've been fighting all week.  He’s used his sick days to catch up on reading:

To refine his palate (Seriously, #bitchpleasecat is making us all crazy with her dominance of all spaces near the children):
And do some light modeling:

And hanging with his big brother:

4.  It has felt like more and more of our weekly errands get divided and conquered as James takes the big kids and I hang with the littles, so we all committed to some family fun.  We all made it to the symphony together:

And only as I took this picture did I realize that the two big kids hadn't changed clothes from Friday night.  Oops.  We got home from the fundraiser the night before at 10:30pm and somehow psychologically the kids think that staying out is even a  bigger deal if they get to sleep in their clothes. Even if they are plenty awake to change, they are rarely plenty awake to be rational so we let it slide : ) 

The big kids went to watch some mediocre Big Sky Conference basketball while I stayed at home to watch some terrible ACC basketball.  At least the view was cute.

Today we switched roles and James stayed with the littles while I took the bigs to see The Greatest Showman.  If you haven't gone, go.  It was heartwarming and made us smile and sing along, as well as being charming enough to forget that it was barely historical in its fiction and there were some human-cannon sized plot holes. 

5. And last but not least, we've been reading.  A LOT.  It's been cold and we've been sick so there's been a lot of curling up with good books.  Here's John reading one of his favorite books:

And Matthew has been playing around with logging his books on which has been a fun alteration to his reading logs if you're looking for something for your little ones.   We are always looking for good book suggestions if you have any or if you join!  And tonight I got to enjoy a full lap as we read I Spy.

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