Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Five - The presidential edition

Happy President’s day weekend!  Here’s how we are celebrating this week!

1.  This adorable scout attended her service unit's world thinking day this week.  This is one of the best events scouts has to offer as the girls learn a lot putting it on and attending.  Plus there was lots of yummy food :-)  Oh, and speaking of sugar, she just wrapped up selling cookies, which admittedly was way more successful last year when we had a freakish weekend of 60+ degree temps that helped.  She'll have a wagon of cookies to sell in March though, so look out :-) and a huge thank you to those who ordered already.  This was not a year where I (really Spencer) were super helpful in getting her out so every bit of support is appreciated.  The girls in her troop are so sweet in wanting to help the hospital and people who are sick so I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

2.  John is still a puzzler OBSESSED.  Here he is with the 100 piece puzzle he non-chalantly does and leaves around the house.  It's about the only time he goes quiet for a long period of time around the house wherein I'm not worried about the condition or safety of the rest of our belongings.

Like his resurgent interest in playdough, though this time our belongings escaped his wrath as I was fairly hands on about it all.

And my errand buddy.  Minus his non-stop chatter and my inability to focus on any task at hand, he is kinda fun to take on errands and his running commentary and observations at least entertain everyone around us, even if I am rarely entertained.

2.  We are in the midst of a major house upheaval as we are moving Catherine into my former "office", that was really just a 10x10 pit of paper, photos, art supplies, costumes, holiday decorations unsent cards and packages and glitter.  Sooo. Much. Glitter.  Catherine and Matthew have been sharing a room for a while and we moved John into their room this summer.  3 in a room has had its ups and downs with regards to sleep.  I think we finally found a good routine for evenings where John goes to bed before the big kids, but in the morning it was some weird olympic event to see who could wake up earliest and make the most noise to wake up all the other siblings (often aided by the world's noisiest effing cat).  Surprisingly, it was a game where EVERYONE loses.  So, with the two oldest approaching a need for privacy, Catherine got to move downstairs on her own and she is enjoying every bit of her new room!  

3.  This boy is a gloriously fun and ridiculous hot mess.  He's still recovering from his ear infections of last week, as well as needing to practice planking or crawling 24/7 and starting on some solid foods.

Mmmm . . . cucumber doused in pumpkin.  We are clearly on the path to 4 star chef-ery over here.

Or not!

We are also teething our top two teeth, so hands in the mouth is a pretty common thing anymore.

And who doesn't love kisses from Daddy:

Or hugs from big brother:

The big kids have decided on their own they can pick up Spencer and take him out of his crib or carry him up the stairs.  All of which has caused me a handful of grey hairs, some yelling and then some sweet relief as I realize the joy of having extra helpers . . . most of the time :-)  Since our stairs are still literally hard as rocks, I've nixed that one but I'll take the extra 10 mins in bed as they get Spencer out to play when he wakes up. 

4.  We discovered what Olivia would be like as an urban cat.  If cats had souls, they would be soulmates: 

5.  The great office clean out has caused my genealogy boxes to resurface, and another shot of motivation to organize and share.  It probably won’t last long because that pumpkin covered monster above is only 1/7 of the smallish mammals in the house that could destroy artifacts in .014 seconds, but here’s some fun pics I came across so far in an album of my great grandmother.  Any info emailed or shared from family on IDing the first two photos is as always appreciated :-) 

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